Cocoe is a design studio founded by David Duprez and Gabriel Suchowolski (microbians). is located in Spain, focused in art direction, animation & motion graphics. At this moment we are produ cing tv ads and musical videos. Cocoe is focused in productions with an specially treatment of graphic style.

We like to think our work is different in sense we took mainly care on details and final quality of all that we do.

Basically our idea with the Cocoe Studio is that we can do a whole project from creative ideas to creative graphics, or only a part of a project in which we can contribute with our work, with mind focused in quality.

We worked for several clients like Vodafone, Burger King, Nike, International Amnesty, Hyundai, Repsol, Movistar,... among others. In this moment we have facilities to make different projects that can include postproduction, HD/film shooting etc.

.personal sites

.old stuff

cocoe's old site As we started in 2003 there is some old stuff there.

contact us

Prudencio Alvaro 47 BIS L-A
28027 MADRID
+34 914 079 476



facebook Join the cocoe Facebook group to get the latest updates about the ‘cocoe universe’.

twitter Also join us in the cocoe twitter page to get the latest updates.

tumblr Juts the place we post everything else, like ideas or innovation we release to the community.

vimeo Try to find other videos that we made but we don't add to our website.


press Just ask us for press material for your magazine, by rmail or explore by your self the press link.


gafapas T-Shirts from this little and crazy characters... plush toys... and more to come.

Robots Cry Too Daily updates on inspirational art, illustration and design made by people around the web.

Small Specimens Smiling Personal project with conceptual doodles in postits.

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